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10 Tips to Master Chemistry for IIT-JEE

IIT JEE conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is one of the most competitive exams in India. Lakhs of engineering aspirants attend the exam. It is a tough battle out there with these many students appearing with the sole aim in their minds.

You are one of the dreamy students out there we believe since you are reading this article. Each of the three subjects must be allotted enough time to prepare thoroughly. There is no room for complacency if you are serious about IIT JEE.

Comprising of three basic sections viz. Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. You need to understand the crux of the subject to answer the questions quickly and score the maximum possible marks. It is a reality that Chemistry is a tough subject for a majority of students. They just gulp the topics without diving deep into them.

Just memorizing the theories, formulae, and concepts are not going to be useful in the case of Chemistry. You may not be able to answer complex questions that NTA puts in just to confuse the aspirants. And identifying those who understood the subject properly.

Tips to Master Chemistry for IIT JEE

Listed here are 10 tips that would enable you to master Chemistry. Each part of Chemistry, Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry must be given equal importance. Nonetheless, you may check out the important topics and give more importance to those. Our professional tutors would help you prepare the subject in the most meticulous manner.

Moreover, we pursue a tutoring style tailored to each student. The tutors would observe the student and give feedback on the areas requiring improvement, techniques that can be adapted to boost the preparation, tips, and tricks for imbibing the key element of the topics, etc.

The top 10 tips that you can follow to master Chemistry are:

1.   Study from the NCERT textbooks. More often than not, students think that reading books written by experts is enough for IIT JEE preparation. It is not. Studying from NCERT text is a must. Get all your concepts cleared by reading the textbooks. Ask the tutor if you still have any doubts. Not just reading, but you must write down the concepts, formulae, and main points written down in the notebook. Do this exercise after each chapter. This would cement the concepts in your mind, as well as help you during revisions.

2.  Problem-solving skill is essential for scoring the best in Physical Chemistry. Start with the problems given in the NCERT textbook. The IIT JEE preparation material from Unique World has several complex problems that would aid you in improving your speed and gaining better problem-solving skills. Memorize all the formulae, since those would be required repeatedly. Remember that you should not waste time recalling the formulas. Even a single second lost can impact your score.

3.  Reaction and reaction mechanisms are the main elements in Organic Chemistry. Prepare notes with respect to those while studying each chapter itself. The name of the reaction and mechanisms must be remembered thoroughly. Revise enough to etch those in your brain.

4.  We suggest you infuse the basic concepts into your mind. Then go ahead with increasing the complexity. Avoid the mistake of trying to study everything together.

5.  Practice, practice, and practice of problems are compulsory. Never make the mistake of memorizing the problems and the method to resolve those.

6.  Organic Chemistry questions come from the syllabus promulgated. Attend mock tests to ensure that you have understood the concepts and are able to resolve problems in a limited time.

7.  Unlike Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry needs you to memorize the theories and concepts. Study from NCERT textbooks initially. You may write down the points and grasp the main element of each topic. Use the methodology you follow for memorizing the theories.

8. Follow the guidelines from our expert tutors and prepare clear notes. Instead of writing everything down, you may think of additional point-wise notes. It would be of excellent use while you revise the subject.

9.  Keep practicing the problems and questions regularly. Get your brain on track. Once you are on the flow, it would be quite easy for you to perform exemplarily during the final IIT JEE.

10.  Practicing previous years’ question papers and attending mock tests are two crucial steps if you are serious about IIT JEE. Both these would help you in understanding your preparedness, implement corrective measures for the areas in which you are weak, and put in better efforts to improve your performance.

The Conclusion

We understand that Chemistry is not an easy subject to master. However, you can overcome the challenges posed by it and become an expert. Once you get a grip on the subject, you can score well in IIT JEE.

Many times, it would be difficult to prepare by yourself for Chemistry. It would need guidance and support from experienced tutors, who understand the in and out of the subject. The tutors, as in Unique World, would teach you tips and tricks to learn the topics.

Furthermore, Unique World has developed an exclusive pedagogical methodology for infusing the concepts into the students’ brains and obtaining the best outcome from them. By following this methodically, we have been achieving great results in IIT JEE. Consequently, we are the leading IIT JEE coaching center in the region, with the maximum placement records.

Follow the 10 tips we explained here and become a master in Chemistry. More queries?

No problem. Just give us a call. 

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