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10 tips to strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE exam

Are you an IIT JEE aspirant? Do you dream to join the top technical institution in the country? Are you passionate enough to give your best for IIT-JEE preparation?  

Then, this article is definitely for you. We are listing out 10 tips to strengthen the basics for the IIT JEE. A clear understanding of the theories is vital for cracking this highly competitive exam. Imbibing the basics is crucial for answering any question, from any topic, within the shortest possible time.

As you understand, time is the most expensive thing in the case of IIT JEE. Every minute spent on a particular question will reduce the time available for the rest. Therefore, the aim is to read the question fast, answer quickly and move on to the next one.

At the same time, we are not saying you to hurry through the question paper. A proper strategy must be formulated with the help of experienced tutors, to attending the maximum questions correctly.

Let’s move on to the 10 tips to strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE.

1.     Examples from real life if possible

Learn basics with the help of examples. It would be better if you can find examples from real life. It would help in cementing the concept into your heart. Once you study the theories with the aid of examples, they would remain etched in your heart. Whenever the question is asked, the example would pop out from your brain, offering clarity.

2.    Study the topics of similar concepts together

Check the curriculum for IIT-JEE and group similar topics together. Studying those together would be useful for understanding the whole concept thoroughly. The interlinking of theories, formulae, and principles is definitely going to be of use while attending the final exam.

3.    Give more time to the weak areas

The weak and strong areas are different for different students. You need to identify your weaknesses and the topics that are difficult for you. Allocate more time for such segments. Delve deep into the topics and grasp the subtle elements to answer any question from those.

4.    Confusing concepts may be divided into smaller portions for easy learning

Adding to the previous tip, you may divide the confusing topics into smaller portions to get a better understanding. You can take help from professional tutors if you are finding it tough to divide the concepts.

5.    Use NCERT texts for strengthening the foundation

NCERT texts are the best partner for IIT JEE preparation. Never neglect textbooks and rely only on guides. Presuming that there is nothing useful in the textbooks. These texts are best for strengthening the foundation. All your confusion would be eliminated once you study the texts properly.

6.    It is not how much you studied but how well you studied

You should not rush to complete all the portions of the curriculum. Such a hurry would not do any good. Instead, you should infuse everything from the topics you study. At least you would be able to answer any question asked from those. We have seen students turning confused and concerned as the exam date approaches. All they want is to complete everything from the syllabus. Do not follow that method. Just be calm and continue studying at your pace.

7.     Prepare Biology notes in your words

Unlike other subjects, Biology requires you to memorize the theories and principles. Nothing is better than writing everything in your words. You will be grasping the concepts while writing itself. Thereby, eliminating the difficulty of understanding the intricate subject.  

8.    Solve problems and attend mock tests for enhancing your Physics power

Problems in Physics create problems for many students. They spent too much time on each problem which lead to reduced time for other questions. Consequently, the performance will not be as expected. Grasping the basic concepts and formulae as well as practicing the questions are crucial for enhancing your performance in Physics.

9.    Studying Chemistry is an uphill task for many

Chemistry is a difficult subject for most students. They tend to skip the portions that they find complicated. It is going to affect your overall score. You cannot expect to crack IIT JEE without scoring well in Chemistry. Studying with examples is the only way for gaining a better understanding of Chemistry concepts.

10.  Attend as many mock tests as possible

Attending mock tests is of paramount importance. Mock tests would help you improve your speed, boost confidence and cement the basics into your brain. That is why the top IIT-JEE coaching centers promote mock tests. They conduct tests on a weekly basis. Although placed in the tenth position, this is the most important tip of all for strengthening the basics for IIT JEE.

The Conclusion

Attended by lakhs of students, IIT-JEE needs your wholehearted preparation and committed attitude. Only a passionate mind can invest the maximum time in the preparation and crack the exam with the best rank. Reputed IIT JEE coaching centers have an undeniable role in preparing aspirants for this highly challenging entrance test.

We suggest you join an IIT JEE coaching academy right away. The professional tutors would assist you to crack the exam.  

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