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5 Tips to Motivate Children to Learn

Entrance exams like IIT JEE and NEET witness a high turnout of students. Many of them attend the exam only due to the excessive pressure and coercion from their parents. Only a minimal percentage go for the said entrance tests aspiring to achieve great feats in life. As obvious, they may not have to be forced. The remaining candidates need to be motivated to bring them to track.

In addition, the enthusiastic lot may lose the excitement and the will to work hard after the initial stage. Counselors, tutors, and parents must continue motivating them to keep the momentum on. Positive stress is a key factor here. The parents and tutors must understand the balance between productive and destructive stress. To avoid pushing the child into a state of anxiety and fear.

The fact is that fear of failure will manifest failure!

Is Your Child Preparing for a competitive exam?

Then, you must avoid the following:

·         Repeating how competitive the world is and how difficult it is to crack these exams

·         Stating that he or she does not have a future if they fail to clear the exam

·         Creating unwanted anxiety and stress in the child’s mind

·         Comparing your son or daughter with any other student

·         Pinching the child saying about their poor performance in the class

·         Reminding them about the expenses for the entrance coaching

These would demotivate them and lead to negative results. The focus should be on creating an optimistic mindset in them.

Methods to Motivate Children

Methods for motivating the children include motivation tips, videos, stories of great personalities, and a reassuring approach. A constant reminder about people achieving great things overcoming struggles, and how persistent efforts can bring in positive results is essential.

Yes, motivation is not a one-time process. It is a constant requirement, just like bathing. No one thinks that bathing once a year is enough to keep the body clean. Maintaining a constant schedule is necessary for maintaining your body dust/ dirt free. Similarly, listening to motivational speeches, watching optimistic videos, and reading stories of great identities who overcame impediments to accomplish great things is essential. This should be pursued on a constant basis.

We are elaborating 5 tips for motivating children. Of course, many more ways make them confident and optimistic about the future.

1. Be Friendly and Reassuring: Parents and teachers have an undeniable role in instilling an optimistic spirit in children. Worried about the future of their kids, parents might be repeating the problems they might have to face if they don’t perform well. They create a picture that the child’s future is dark if he or she doesn’t do well in academics.

Is it correct actually?

A deep thought into this would clarify that academics haven’t been the strong point for many successful people around the world. Rather, it was the passion that played a pivotal role in making them attain greatness through accomplishments.

The parents’ and teachers’ objective must be to generate the same enthusiasm in the students. Riches the achievement offers and how valuable the specific exam for life has to be conveyed in a friendly manner. Reassure the children that nothing will happen even if they don’t crack the exam. There’s always a next time or next move.

2. Motivational Videos and Stories: Motivational videos available on YouTube and stories of achievers from across the globe can impart enthusiasm and create a positive mindset. Personalities like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Narendra Modi are the epitome of conquering their dream.

Motivational videos available on YouTube also will provide tips and tricks to remain motivated. They would be sharing anecdotes and real-life incidents that are useful to gain a winning attitude.

3. Failures are not the End: A destructive thing many parents do is to make their child feel that failure is the end. They always expect a Midas touch from the kids. In reality, life without failures is a failure. Life losses its meaning when a person keeps on winning. S/he will lose the fighting spirit and make miss how charming it is to win something.

Avoid scolding the child repeatedly as if there is no way forward for him or her. The news we read about children taking the wrong steps is mainly due to unhealthy criticism from parents and teachers. It is okay to put positive pressure on them. But, you must maintain a healthy balance to prevent it from becoming stressful for the kid.

4. Time for Rejoicing and Relaxing: Studying around the clock is not the answer even if the exam is the toughest in the world. Remaining sank into the subjects can tire their brain. In turn, the child would be just studying, without anything going into their head. Preparing a study schedule is ideal to avoid this. Tutors from reputed coaching centers normally help the children in making a preparation schedule. Further, they would be guiding the aspirants constantly.

5. Physical Exercise like Yoga: Yoga and other physical exercises would help vent out pressure and remain rejuvenated. Include this in the schedule and pursue it without any failure. At least one of the parents can join the kids for the exercise if possible. Do not talk about the subjects while exercising. The conversation with the kid may focus on topics that make them motivated.

Always remember that your repeated admonishments are going to affect the kid negatively. Invigorate them with positive thoughts and fill enthusiasm in them to gain the best results.

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