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Best Time Table for IIT JEE Preparation

Best Time Table for IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE is one of the highly competitive exams in India. Attended by lakhs of aspirants from across the country and abroad, it surpasses many other entrance tests. IIT JEE consists of two exams JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Cracking the latter would open doors to the elite IITs in the country. Nonetheless, scoring well and becoming one among the chosen lot would necessitate a committed approach, focussed efforts, an optimistic attitude, and tireless hard work. A proper timetable is a foundation for all the preparation for IIT JEE.

Here we would guide you on how to formulate the best timetable for IIT JEE preparation.

Importance of Timetable for IIT JEE Preparation

Making a timetable for IIT JEE preparation is important owing to many factors.

–          A stipulated daily routine will help you to have a fixed schedule of preparation

–          Timetable allows you to have visibility of the time allotted for different topics. Accordingly, important sections can be given more time.

–          It helps in rescheduling the preparation of topics that have been missed out.

–          A timely preparation pattern would help in undertaking revisions

–          Flexibility is another important feature offered by a timetable for IIT JEE preparation.

Factors to Consider for Preparing a Target-centric Timetable for IIT JEE

Everyone in the world, irrespective of his or her age, position, or stature, has only 24 hours in a day. The catch is in utilizing the time optimally. Time management, division of tasks as per importance, and multi-tasking are key for gaining the best from the limited time we have. You must look into the following prior to preparing the timetable for IIT JEE.

–          Determine what your ultimate aim is. Everything will depend on this sole factor.

–          Identify your weak areas as well as topics with more weightage. You need to allot more time to both while you prepare the timetable for IIT JEE preparation.

–          Revisions and mock tests are mandatory. You cannot expect performance without attending enough mock tests. Hence, both should be included in the timetable for IIT JEE preparation.

–          Time must be kept for relaxation as well.

–          Do not overload yourself with the preparation

–          Small schedules might be better than long sessions. Nonetheless, this would depend on the individual.

–          Adequate balance must be maintained whilst allocating time for different subjects.

Suggestion for Timetable for IIT JEE Preparation

We are giving you a suggested timetable for IIT JEE preparation. You need not follow this as it is. Instead, modify it in a way comfortable to you. IIT JEE coaching center in Dubai would be able to help you in this regard. The IIT JEE preparation would be more effective if you abide by the timetable and pursue coaching under our IIT JEE coaching center in Dubai.

–          6 AM – Wake up, complete the morning routine by 6.30

–          6:30 AM – Minor exercise, yoga, or meditation for about one hour. It will prepare you for the study

–          7:30 AM – Study

–          9:00 AM – Breakfast/ read newspaper

–          10:00 AM – Continue the study

–          12:00 PM – Revise whatever you studied

–          01:00 PM – Lunch

–          01:30 PM – Power nap

–          02:00 PM – Practice old questions

–          04:00 PM – Tea time

–          04:15 PM – Finish the topic you have been studying (if finished, revise it once)

–          06:00 PM – Go for a short walk

–          06:30 PM – Bath

–          07:00 PM – Attend a mock test

–          08:30 PM – Dinner

–          09:15 PM – Study a new topic

–          11:30 PM – Time to sleep

Proper preparation and practice can help you crack IIT JEE and get admission to the IIT of your choice. For guidance and support, you reach out to us, the best IIT JEE coaching center in Dubai.

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