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How Can You Prepare For NEET In Two Months

The last couple of months before the NEET are very important. It is the time to contemplate your preparation and undertake corrective measures if you are lagging. Aspirants tend to get ambiguous in the hurry. There is a high probability of “fear of failure” seeping into their minds. Guidance and support from experienced tutors are of paramount importance at this juncture.

We suggest you remain calm and focus on your goal. Just be yourself and study/ revise the topics unhurriedly. Confidence and optimism is the key to success. Discussed here are the tips that would help you prepare for NEET in two months.

10 Tips for Preparing for NEET in Two Months

Lakhs of students appear for NEET every year. This shouldn’t be a deterrent to you. A systematic and meticulous NEET preparation can eliminate all the impediments in your way. The 10 tips for NEET preparation in two months should pave the way for your success.  

1.     Prepare a Timetable and Stick to it

The timetable you prepare should cater for all the four subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. It must be realistic and should give enough time for important topics, which have more weightage.

2.    Short Notes on Most Important Concepts and Theories

Your tutors can guide you if you are unable to confirm which are the most important theories and concepts that are asked repeatedly. Preparing short notes will help you in quick revision on the days preceding the exam.

3.    Practice Old Question Papers

Practicing old questions will help you improve your speed. Practice as many question papers as possible. Academies will have practice exam sessions with the questions exclusively prepared by professional tutors.

4.    Revise the Topics

Allot enough time for revisions. Focus on the crux of the topic while revising. Combined study and discussion, with close friends, are also preferable. Discussions and deliberations will cement the concepts into the mind.

5.    Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to affirm the exam strategy as well as for enhancing confidence. Furthermore, it will help in boosting the speed.

6.    Disciplined Approach, Staying Away from Social Media

You must observe a disciplined approach through the preparation for NEET. Staying away from social media is the best thing to avoid unwanted distractions. Otherwise, you will be spending too much time on social media. Leading to the reduced preparation time for NEET. Always remember that you will have enough time to indulge in social media after the exam.

7.     No Distractions, Proper Orientation

Orientation and focus without any distraction are the mainstays of successful NEET preparation. Two months are more than enough if you progress with a focus fixed on the objective.

8.    Healthy Diet, Healthy Routine

A healthy diet and an active physical regime are important. Sitting too much, with your eyes fixed on the notes can turn lethargic. Involving in simple physical activities or games can remove the stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

9.    Be Confident, Stay Positive

A confident mind is a guiding force to success. You can crack NEET if you approach the exam with a positive mind and confident attitude. Never allow negativity to seep into your brain. A pessimistic brain can pour water on all your aspirations. It is applicable not only for NEET but also for any time in life.

10.  Join A NEET Coaching Centre

It is the time to join a trusted NEET coaching center if you haven’t yet. The experienced faculty would make your preparation for NEET more effective.

How to Prepare NEET Physics in 2 Months?

The steps you can consider for preparing for Physics in NEET are:

·         Divide the portions according to their importance.

·         Give enough time for each chapter. Understand the crux of the concepts and theories. The time spent should not be more than required. Neither you should get distracted during the preparation, which may delay the process.

·         Practice numerical questions as much as possible. Imbibe the formulae.

·         Ensure that the complete subject is finished at least 10 days prior to NEET.

·         Revise the topics, giving special attention to important ones, in 4-5 days.

·         Practice old questions.

·         Attend mock tests

How to Prepare NEET Chemistry in 2 Months?

There are three sections in Chemistry i.e. Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Each section has some important topics to cover. Do not miss out on any of those topics.

·         Cover the important topics from Organic Chemistry like Hydrocarbons, Biomolecules, Grignard Reagents, and Carbonyl Compounds.

·          A shortened study schedule covering the most important portions would be ideal for Physical Chemistry

·         NCERT books may be the basics for Inorganic Chemistry

·         Numerical problems can help you score excellently. Practice the problems to improve the speed and performance

How to Prepare NEET Biology in 2 Months?

Biology comprises Botany and Zoology, each of 45 marks. An important part of the NEET exam, you ensure adequate time for the subject. Imbibe the concepts, and theories and complete the preparation in about 45 days. Allocate the remaining time for practice sessions, practicing question papers, and mock tests.

Remember that you can prepare for NEET in two months without any issues. The most basic factors you need to be well-prepared are guidance from experienced tutors, a focused attitude, and committed efforts.

Do you have any doubts concerning NEET preparation in 2 months?

Reach out to us for help, guidance, and support. 

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