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How many hours should I study for NEET? Exam preparation guide

It would be great if you can spend every minute on the preparation of NEET. Studying with a committed attitude is what distinguishes the winner from others. Studying, revising and testing are the three fundamental steps for effective NEET preparation. Before we discuss how many hours you should study for NEET, let’s discuss the preparation process.

A successful NEET preparation involves three steps:

·         Study: Study all the topics from the curriculum, with a special focus on important sections. You need to understand the crux of the concepts, to answer any question from the segment.

·         Revise: Revise the lessons to cement those into your heart. Thus you can reduce the time taken for answering the questions. The scarcity of time is the biggest concern for a NEET aspirant. Answering quickly, after reading the question completely, is helpful for answering the maximum questions correctly. Strategizing the exam-attending pattern is another effective method for scoring well.

·         Mock Tests: Never miss out on attending the maximum mock tests possible. Mock tests are essential for preparing yourself for the final exam. It would not only strengthen your knowledge, but also enhance confidence, reveal your weak areas, and provide a clear insight into your preparedness.

How Many Hours Should You Study for NEET?

You can allot about fifteen hours a day for NEET preparation. Studying dedicatedly is important. You must avoid all distractions including social media. Ensuring wholehearted study and preparation until the NEET would offer you a promising and prosperous life.

The preparation schedule you can follow is:

·         Many find it difficult to wake up early. Instead, they study late at the night. Although it is said that studying early in the morning is good for imbibing the concepts effectively, either way, is okay. It all depends on your comfort and convenience. The only thing that matters is how well you are able to prepare. In case you are an early riser, get up at least by 5 am. Do your routine, and perform a few minutes of exercise for energizing your body. Then study for three hours.

·         Take a break at 8.30. Have your breakfast, read the newspaper, and refresh yourself. Studying continuously may not be useful. Rather, you will be spending time without anything going inside your brain.

·         Commence study again at 09.30. Continue studying until 11 am. Take a short break of ten to fifteen minutes. We suggest short schedules of studies, instead of long ones. A long study schedule would tire you before you think. Short schedules are more effective if you want to undertake the preparation for many days preceding NEET.

·         Start studying again at 11.15. Continue until 01 pm. Take a lunch break at 01 pm. The lunch break can be for one hour. After lunch, take a short power nap. The power nap would infuse energy for continuing the preparation.

·         You can start the preparation again at 2-2.15 pm. Continue it until 6 pm. Make sure that you are concentrating on the subject during the afternoon period as well. It is highly probable that you might feel sleepy, as you are awake since early in the morning.

·         Go for a small walk in the evening. Sitting throughout the day might tire both your body and brain. Interaction with the world around would revitalize you. To go for another schedule of studies at night.

·         Commence the studies at 07.30 pm at the night. This schedule can go up to 9 pm, i.e. your dinner break.  

·         The time after dinner must be used for revising the topics you studied throughout the day. The revisit would be helpful in remembering the concepts and memorizing those.

·         Wrap up everything for the day by 10.30-10.45 pm. You must get a proper sleep after all the day’s study. Otherwise, your brain will start rejecting the preparation schedule. Causing you to feel more tired than you actually are. Further, sleep will energize your body for the next day’s preparation.

·         Continue this schedule from Monday to Friday. Saturday can be allotted for practice questions and mock tests once you have covered all the topics. Until then, follow this same schedule on Saturday as well.

·         Sunday is for rest. Studying on all days may not be productive. Your body and mind need proper rest for at least one day. However, you can start using Sunday as well as the exam day nears.


Nonetheless, we suggest you join a result-proven NEET coaching center. The professional tutors would guide and support you until your target is achieved.

You can succeed if you:

·         Pursue proper preparation schedule

·         Approach the exam with a positive attitude

·         Be passionate about your dream

·         Follow the guidance from the professional tutors

·         Keep yourself away from all the distractions

For more discussion regarding NEET preparation, contact us today.

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