How to make revision notes for NEET 2022?

NEET is the game changer for a student!

His or her life changes on clearing the exam. The gateway to the elite medical colleges across India,  including the coveted AIIMS, NEET is attended by lakhs of students from India, including those settled abroad. So, what makes NEET so special?

·         Gaining admission to the top medical institutions offers a bright future to the student

·         He or she would receive a highly valued medical degree, post successful completion of the course. Recognized around the world, s/he will get highly paid and dignified positions in top hospitals

·         A dream of many, almost all of them put extraordinary efforts to clear it. Only a few, who pursue a methodical preparation process, succeed.

Do You Need Revision Notes for NEET Preparation?

The straight answer to the question is “definitely”. You must prepare revision notes for NEET 2022 (or 2023, 2024, and so on). Are you confused about why we are saying this? Because memory is fallible. Do not expect you to remember everything you study. Odds are very high that you might forget some key concepts, formulae, theory, or any other part of the curriculum. A revision note would aid you in checking out the same without wasting much time.

Isn’t it good to have revision notes prepared?

If you aren’t convinced by the above answer, we are listing out the benefits of preparing revision notes as part of NEET preparation.

·         Useful for revising topics in a well-arranged manner.

·         Read specific topics quickly, without the need to go through different books (yes, a single revision book prepared properly is enough)

·         Did you forget something just before the exam? Just pick the revision note and go through it once. To make the revision notes effective, you must avoid elaborate explanations.

·         Marking the key sections would help in revising those instantly

·         Highlighting the important topics, the areas that are tough for you, and topics with more weightage would be helpful in effective NEET preparation

Tips for Preparing Good NEET Revision Notes

A few productive tips for preparing effective NEET 2022 revision notes are:

·         Prepare the notes in your own style, instead of using the textbook language. It would aid in memorizing things easily

·         Put marks, symbols, or highlighting for important topics that have more weightage

·         Mark the portions that are difficult for you using a distinctive symbol

·         Revision notes should be on a book, not on loose papers. Possibilities are high that you may miss any of the paper

·         Write important points in a separate box, for a quick glance before the exam

·         NEET revision notes should be concise

How to Prepare Revision Notes for NEET?

Each student will have his or her methods for preparing revision notes for NEET 2022. The ultimate aim of the revision note is to memorize the concepts, theories, and formulae. It is not intended for studying the complete chapter. Rather, for revising main points only.  Keep note of the following while you prepare the revision notes for NEET or any other highly competitive exam.

·         The revision notes you prepare should be as per your style of studying. It would ease the preparation process remarkably. For this same reason, one person’s revision note will not be useful to another.

·         A comprehensive analysis of the concept must be made before adding the points from those in the revision note. It is good to take key elements from different books. At the same time, we are not asking you to buy all the NEET preparation books and guides available in the market. Follow the guidelines of the tutor and pick only the right set of books.

·         We suggest you prepare the notes only after studying the complete chapter. Further, examine the type of questions asked, the repeated questions from the subject topic, etc as well.

·         Attend mock tests as part of the NEET preparation. Try whether you are able to revise topics from the notes before attending the mock tests.

·         Biology revision notes should have key concepts listed point by point. Highlight the topics that you tend to forget quite often. And give special attention to those.

·         Formulae, key derivations, explanations, and problems are important elements when considering Physics. Preparing revision notes is not enough in the case of Physics. You must practice derivations and problems to cement the concept into your brain and improve your problem-solving speed.

·         The revision notes of Chemistry should contain the formulae and theories. Give more importance to Organic Chemistry. Other sections from Chemistry may not be difficult for you. Prepare the revision notes for those if you think it is required.

Joining a NEET coaching center is of paramount importance if you are serious about the exam. A push, positive stress, is always required for going ahead without any reduction in momentum. Moreover, expert guidance, tips from experienced tutors, shortcuts for solving complex problems, exam attending strategies, etc can enhance the probability of success.

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