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Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Will Open An Abu Dhabi Offshore Campus

IIT’s are the dream destinations of Indian Students who wish to pursue Engineering as their life career. 

As of 2022, there are 23 IIT’s in India with a total of 16, 598 seats. The graduates are given attractive packages which are acclaimed to be the best in India. Along with this, IIT’s have incubated a large number of startups many of which are unicorns now.

All these factors make IIT’s the favourite cake in any student’s dream gastronomy.

IIT Delhi recently made an announcement that an offshore campus for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) will soon be established in Abu Dhabi. The IIT Delhi will develop the curriculum for the institutions and appoint faculty for the offshore campus in Abu Dhabi. Ex-Dean of Academics will serve as IIT Abu Dhabi’s coordinator, according to IIT Delhi. In 2023, the institute will release a new curriculum.

The institute will soon start a number of projects, including a modern observatory in Sonepat, a cutting-edge central research centre in Hauz Khas and Sonepat, and a healthcare centre in Jhajjar, among others.

A 17-member group had previously recommended that these institutes adopt the finest governance system available, including the governance framework of IITs. “The governance structure should be such that no clearance from the mentoring IIT or the Indian government should be necessary while the connection with the mentoring IITs is maintained,” it stated.

The panel suggested giving the overseas IIT institutes more latitude than they already have. “These institutes should have more freedom than the current IITs thanks to a Parliamentary statute that creates them. These institutions should have enough latitude to succeed because they must adapt to local laws and other legal and financial obligations “It read.

In addition to IIT Delhi, several other IITs are getting demands for the establishment of campuses from South Asian and Middle Eastern nations. While IIT Kharagpur will open a campus in Malaysia, IIT Madras will do so in Tanzania. 

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