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Is it essential to get good marks in 12th grade to get into JEE?

Is it essential to get good marks in 12th grade to get into JEE

One thing parents and teachers always emphasize is scoring marks in 10th and 12th exams. Both the board exams have an undeniable role in molding one’s life. Moreover, by infusing a winning streak, the attitude to burn the energy and score good marks will energize your endeavor to reach outstanding achievements. 

It implies two things, when you ask, “Is it essential to get good marks in 12th grade to get into JEE?” You are either apprehensive about 12th-grade marks or want to know everything about JEE. Cracking the JEE can offer you a progressive life with all the riches of the world. That is why you must put your best efforts into clearing the exam with the best rank. 

Having said that your performance in the 12th board exams doesn’t have any role in JEE. The marks you score in 12th are not considered for JEE. Neither has it had any role in determining your admission eligibility.

Class 12 marks have no impact on JEE Main position readiness. Students should be aware that their placement will be determined by their performance on the admission exams. The only catch here is that you must score a minimum of 75% marks in the 12th class for obtaining admission to IITs, NITs, and CFTIs. For those belonging to SC/ ST community, the minimum mark requirement is 65% in the 12th board exams.

How to Perform Well in ITT/ JEE?

Since your concern about marks in 12th has been resolved, you must now focus on performing well in JEE. You must plan, schedule, and commit yourself to the preparation. With lakhs of students attending the exam, you must be equipped enough to handle the tricky questions, answer the maximum correctly, and perform without any stress.

A few things you must consider during JEE preparation are explained in the subsequent paragraphs. Pursuing the points discussed here would prove beneficial for you.

–          Join a JEE Coaching Centre: Joining a result-oriented coaching center, with an admirable track record, must be your first preference. Of course, you might be capable of preparing for the JEE by yourself. Yet, positive stress, guidance from experienced tutors, feedback regarding areas of improvement, and regularized coaching would augment your chances of cracking JEE. It is ideal to join a JEE coaching center at the earliest. The less time left, the more stress you will be subjected to.

–          Prepare a Schedule and Follow it Judiciously: Fixing a schedule for the preparation of JEE would give you a clear idea about the way forward. A vague approach regarding the topics to be covered and the time to be allocated for each will not be productive. Specific timelines must be given for completing the subjects, revisions, practice tests, and mock tests.

–          Revise the Topics Properly: Revision is an essential part of JEE preparation. You might have understood the areas where you need more emphasis during the preparation, i.e. the topics with more weightage, as well as, the portions where you lag. Allot more time for the revision of those topics. Cover all the topics meticulously.

–          Class Tests and Feedback: Coaching centers will conduct tests periodically, based on the portions covered. The performance during each test would be evaluated by the tutors. They would offer feedback to the individuals. Such guidance is useful for effective JEE preparation, by ensuring proper orientation.

–          Mock Tests: Mock test is an unavoidable part of JEE preparation if one wants to score well. Mock tests would offer a realistic idea about the final exam. Moreover, it would help you in strategizing the approach. The aim is to attend the maximum questions correctly. Rather than attending to “all” the questions. Negative marking can impact your rank. In fact, negative marks are what decide one’s position in the rank list. Therefore, the aim must be to reduce the negative marks as much as possible. That is why we said “attending the maximum questions correctly”. A JEE coaching center would help you strategize the approach, attend the exam confidently, and perform excellently.

–          Be Optimistic: Be an optimistic fighter always. Permeate your brain with strong positivity through determination and hard work. No one, nothing, can defeat a determined heart. It is said that, if you think you will lose you have lost already. Never allow pessimistic thoughts to enter your mind and create confusion and anxiety.

We believe that you are clear about the approach toward JEE. Eliminate the concern about 12th class marks. The only thing you must consider is scoring the qualifying marks in the 12th class exams. You don’t have to be a topper or outstanding student to score the best grades in IIT JEE and become one among the selected lot.

Do you dream of studying at the top technical institutions in the country? Are you passionate enough to crack JEE on the first attempt? Are you thinking of joining IIT JEE coaching?

Call us now. We can help you with the best coaching and guidance to make you a winner.

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