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NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers: A Complete Study Plan

NEET is one of the most competitive exams in India. The bright future it offers makes students earn to clear the test with the best grades. Only a few make it to the top lot and the majority fail to gain admission to the top medical educational institutions across India.

You are not alone if you failed even after putting wholehearted efforts. Even though it is a painful thing, it is not the end of the road. You can bounce back and become one among the selected lot. Confidence, hard work, perseverance, and optimism are the key elements you must possess, for cracking NEET the next time.

General Scenario In Case One is Unable to Crack NEET

Before we get into discussing NEET preparation tips for droppers, let’s look that the general scenario when one fails to crack NEET the first time.

·         Diminished Confidence: Confidence is the first that is affected when one fails an exam or in a competition. Reassure yourself that you can clear the exam the next time. And nothing is going to stop you from attaining great heights in life. Failing in an exam should not dent your self-esteem or confidence. Remember that all of the great personalities failed more than once in life.

·         Pessimistic Attitude: Nothing good is going to happen with me, I am not good at studies, I can never be successful, etc are the most common thoughts that come to mind when a person fails. Keep such thoughts at bay. You are capable to reach any position you want. Everything is achievable once you imbibe the dream into your subconscious mind.

·         Low Energy: Energize your senses by infusing an enthusiastic attitude into your brain. Loss of energy and hope will only lessen the possibilities further.

·         Criticism Around: It is normal to receive criticism from parents and teachers. They are also sad (although not as much as you) as you couldn’t clear the NEET. Albeit everyone knows the fact that negative criticism causes distress and depression only, people criticize when one doesn’t perform as they expect.

·         Advice Gurus: All become gurus in NEET when you fail to crack it. They would shower advice on how to study, how to appear in the exam, what attitude you must have, and so on. Never give any value to those. Take guidance from the well-wishers you know and from your teachers. People advise others just to taunt them as well. You should remain indifferent to all such craps. Never allow such things to get into your heart. Focus all your energy on clearing NEET (let it be any exam, for that matter) the next time.

Tips for NEET Preparation for Droppers

Think, decide and prepare; these are the three magic words for those planning to repeat NEET. You are the person to decide about your future. Think and evaluate the situation before going forward. Once you have determined that you are going to clear NEET, follow the tips we elaborate on here:

·         Understand the lacunae from the previous attempt. You might not have given serious importance, or may have missed some tips, or any other issue led to the weak performance. Recognizing the problem area is the first thing for fruitful NEET preparation.

·         You might have failed to score in some specific areas. Perhaps you are weak in some topics. Or didn’t get time to attend to all the questions. Owing to the extra time taken by some questions. Every student has weak and strong areas. Identifying those is the game changer.

·         Join a professionals NEET coaching center if you haven’t. Nothing can replace the guidance and coaching offered by expert professional tutors.

·         Prepare a proper schedule for NEET preparation. Allocate more time to the portions that are difficult for you. Make it a point to clarify all the doubts from the tutor.

·         Practice old question papers, at least on a weekly basis. It is helpful in understanding how much you have grasped.

·         Attend as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests will help you improve your speed, prepare the exam strategy, and strengthen your confidence.

·         Get only those books suggested by your tutors. Buying too many books and surrounding yourself with those are going to affect your preparation. It would not only create confusion but also impact your energy. The thought that you have too many books to complete itself is troublesome.

·         Control the usage (better to stay away completely) of social media. Nothing is as distractive as social media. You would be spending too much time on social media without any good effect on your life.

·         Allocate time for yoga or any other physical exercise.

Always remember that nothing can fail a confident person, filled with an optimistic attitude. You can clear NEET with the best grades if you pursue the NEET preparation tips we have discussed here.

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