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NEET Repeaters Batch 2022 in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you a NEET aspirer who is not satisfied with your scores in NEET 2021? Worry not; Unique World Education’s NEET repeaters batch will help you focus on preparing and attaining score goals.

Unique World Education’s NEET Repeaters Batch in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is exclusively planned for the students who have already appeared or attempted the medical entrance exams and couldn’t attain admission in their desired institutes. The Repeaters Batch is also for the aspirants in Dubai who did not try the entrance exam and class XII board exams but is ready to devote one year exclusively to the NEET entrance exams. The systematic and effective teaching methods that delve deeply into both concepts and techniques of problem-solving are one of the factors that differ our Repeaters Batch from other medical entrance coaching institutes in Dubai.

NEET Repeaters Batch Classes at Unique World Education:

With the global pandemic settling down to an extent, Unique World Education has restarted in-person classes in Dubai, along with our regular online courses. The face-to-face interactive NEET Repeaters Batch Classes at our coaching institute in Dubai follow essential pandemic protocols. There is an unhealthy trend seen in the medical entrance coaching sector in Dubai. The students from the repeaters batch are forced to attend coaching classes with regular 11th and 12th standard students, and proper attention is not provided to the repeater batch students.  We strictly discourage these kinds of unhealthy practices. Instead, have exclusive comprehensive classes for Repeaters Batch students with dedicated and well-experienced faculty members, where the students are given individual attention. 

The one-year NEET Repeater Batch Classes at Unique World Education provides consolidated and summarised coverage of the NEET syllabus with a higher emphasis on solving Multiple Choice Questions. We also offer multiple levels of tests which help in systematic tracking of the students’ performances. For the Repeaters batch, student’s unit and Cumulative tests are conducted regularly.

Through our NEET Repeaters Batch, the aspirants get a detailed awareness of the entrance exam pattern. The faculty members at the institute prepare the students to handle the pressure of the exam, which offers an edge over the fresh batch of students.  The Repeaters batch students at Unique World Education have accomplished amazingly well in the NEET exam in previous years.

The features of our face-to-face interactive NEET Repeater Batch Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi include:

·       Complete Coverage of 11th & 12th Chapters

·       Experienced & Committed Faculties from India

·       Comprehensive study materials

·       Regular NEET mock test

·       Unlimited Doubt Clearing sessions

·       Performance & Evaluation Reports

·       Individual attention

·       Discussion of previous year question papers

·       Career and mental enhancement sessions

·       OMR valuation for all Exams

·       Highly positive atmosphere

·       Students get access to 200,000 NEET questions

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