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Career Counselling/ Mapping

Career Counselling/ Mapping

Unique World Education – UAE Training and Development division provides exceptional handwriting enhancement course for students and people of all age. The number of students who brawl with bad handwriting is on the rise, which in turn affects their academic results. This is a proven methodology through which more than five lakhs students have reaped the benefit so far in INDIA and UAE. The highlight of Smart Handwriting is that it requires just 12-15 hours to improve any illegible handwriting with 100% guarantee. This unique system equally balances all the elements of writing, such as the size of the letters according to the category it belongs, slanting of the letter, letter space between each letter, word space between each word and writing pressure.

Practice is given to maintain a balance of these elements in writing.  We take them through exercises which correct the slanting, upper curves, lower curves, the circle and the tails of the letters of the alphabet. Once they are through with these exercises, they are taught the starting, the movement (direction) and the ending of all the 26 letters in the alphabet. After mastering individual letters, they are taught joining of the letters.

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