Tips To Improve Time Management in IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE preparation requires smart work in addition to hard work. Manging time and utilizing time effectively are of paramount importance. It would help you cover all the topics effectively, cementing the concepts into your brain. Understanding even the subtlest elements of intricate concepts is vital for scoring significant marks.

Time management is a crucial need not only during the preparation phase but also while attending the exam. Answering more questions correctly and reducing the negative marks are the way to become one among the select lot. Pursue the tips we discuss here for improving time management in IIT JEE preparation.

How to Improve Time Management in IIT JEE Preparation?

Time lost cannot be retrieved. It is best if you can expend each minute productively. A few tips would be useful for managing time efficiently. The core concept lies in reducing the wastage of time and approaching the preparation in a planned manner. Always remembers that a haphazard attitude can spoil IIT JEE dreams.  

1.     Schedule the Preparation

Formulate an IIT JEE preparation schedule. Stick to it without any complacency or lazy attitude. Short sessions with small breaks would be ideal. The timetable must be realistic in a true sense. Else, you might be energetic in the beginning but will lose interest in a few days. Continuing with the same elevated energy is crucial.

2.    Prioritize Important Topics

Some of the topics have more weightage than others have. More time must be allocated for those portions. You can ascertain the importance by going through previous years’ question papers. Experienced tutors will be able to help you and guide you in identifying the important topics and preparing a schedule for IIT JEE preparation.

3.    Distractions are Destructive

You might have understood what we mean by “distractions”. Yes, we are saying mainly about social media and television. More than television, social media is your enemy in observing productive time management in IIT JEE preparation. It is best to keep your mobile data off. If that is not possible, then limit the usage to a few minutes a day, at a specified time. The problem with social media is that it is quite difficult once anyone sinks into that.

4.    Choose the Best Books for IIT JEE Preparation

You must pick the best books for IIT JEE preparation. Seek help from professional tutors in selecting the IIT JEE preparation books. Using the wrong books is going to impact your time management. You will be studying from those books without any relevant results. You can simply save time and use it more effectively by picking the correct books.

5.    Online Coaching is an Intelligent Choice

Joining online coaching is another time management technique for IIT JEE preparation. The time spent traveling to the IIT JEE coaching center, waiting for the teacher to arrive, etc can be avoided with online tuition. At times, the coaching center may be located at distance, causing too much wastage of time. The time saved can be utilized for IIT JEE preparation. With advanced online platforms, modern teaching techniques, and many other features, online tuition have become a better choice than physical coaching.

6.    Eat Right

Consuming healthy food, just enough for the body is essential for improving time management in IIT JEE preparation. You might be wondering how it can affect the preparation. We will explain. eating too much will create laziness and you may want to relax for some time. This is going to affect the schedule you have made. Junk foods and aerated drinks are going to affect your health as well. Avoid all such food items at least during the IIT JEE preparation period. You have all the time to eat what you want once you clear the IIT JEE.  

7.     Exercise Everyday

By exercise, we are not asking you to do heavy physical activity or hit the gym. Simple exercises like yoga or a short walk in the evening will do. The activity will help you keep the body active and energized. Sitting and reading throughout the day can cause lethargy. Taking a breath of fresh air and interacting with the outside world would energize you.

8.    Focussed Ones Always Win

Remain target-oriented. Your sole aim is to crack IIT JEE. All your energy must be channelized into that goal. Whatever happens, never take your eyes off the aim. Remember the story of Arjuna from Mahabharata, where he fixes his target on the bird’s eye. That dedication and focus are what you need.

9.    Guidance from Experts

Guidance from expert tutors would be beneficial in maintaining a proper schedule. The simple tricks shared by them would help improve time management in IIT JEE preparation. Remember that time management is an essential tool while attending the IIT JEE as well.

10.  Trust Your Inner Self

It is a known fact that if you can dream, you can achieve. Trust your inner self, your soul, and go ahead confidently. Prepare for IIT JEE with all your energy. We are sure that you would definitely crack it.

The Conclusion

Practicing time management skills is going to benefit you not only in IIT JEE preparation but also during varying facets of life. A planned approach is the key to successful time management. All the activities must be scheduled keeping your focus on the final target. That is the essence of time management.

You are welcome to share your views about time management, as well as, about this article. Share your opinions and suggestions in the comment box. 

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