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Top 5 Tips From IIT JEE Top Rankers

Cracking IIT JEE has been a tough challenge for students. Most of them toil day and night to become one among the top lot. Attended by lakhs of aspirants, it is a tough nut to crack. Observing the winners would give you some idea about how one can qualify for IIT JEE with the best grades. Almost all of the top rankers follow a meticulous methodology for the preparation for IIT JEE. They keep everything aside, focus on the target, and dedicate themselves to the preparation for IIT JEE.

We have been fortunate to train and prepare several rank-holders, winners who could join the IIT of their choice, since the initial days. Tips and tricks taught by our experienced tutors have been pivotal in making them successful. Elaborated here are the top 5 tips from IIT JEE top rankers. You are ought to win if you pursue these tips, under the guidance of expert teachers from Unique World. 

1. Plan a Schedule for IIT JEE Preparation

Planning and following the plan judiciously are the most important steps for the successful preparation of IIT JEE. It is quite difficult to maintain the momentum of preparation in this era. Social media is the biggest distraction that can divert you away from your target. Promise your inner self that you are not going to stop until you accomplish your dream. 

Prepare a study schedule with this thought in mind. Once you are committed to cracking IIT JEE nothing should come between you and your aim. Make a timetable under the guidance of your tutor. Allocate more time for the topics that are difficult for you. Feedback from our teachers would help you identify the areas you need to focus more.

2. Study from Selected Books and Journals Only

Surrounding yourself with more books can lead to a negative result. The more books the more confusing it can be. Our professional tutors would suggest you the right books for IIT JEE preparation. Besides providing you with exclusively formulated study material from Unique World.

The textbooks, journals and guides you refer to must be comprehensively prepared. There should not be any kind of ambiguity that may put you in doubt. Clear narration and ample examples would be useful for you to imbibe the concept effectively. 

3. Start Early

Investing as much time as possible is a crucial factor for IIT JEE preparation. You can put the required amount of time for each topic, by commencing it at the earliest. Some topics may require repeated reading, practice, and more revisions than the rest. You may not be able to do justice to those if you delay the IIT JEE coaching and preparation.

All the IIT JEE top rankers are known to invest the maximum time in the preparation. The only thing that ruled their heart during the period was the entry into IIT. This strong thought and determination have been pivotal for their achievement. 

4. Revision and Mock Tests 

Duration is of paramount importance in the case of IIT JEE. The candidate must be able to attend to the maximum number of questions correctly in the given time. This doesn’t mean that you should hurry through the questions. Wrong answers can lead to negative marks, which is a decisive factor. Even a 0.5 mark difference can push you many ranks down. 

Revisions help in cementing concepts, theories, and formulas into your mind. You should not spend time recalling those while in the exam hall. Everything should come into your mind as and when required. The formulae should reflect in your brain the time you see the question related to it. And you should be working out the answer to the question. 

Mock tests would aid you in familiarizing yourself with the IIT JEE pattern. You would be able to strategize the way to attend the exam (definitely, with the help of expert tutors). Moreover, performing well during the mock tests would enhance your confidence. 

5. Be Optimistic, Approach Confidently

Be optimistic about the exam. IIT JEE is not an impossible thing to clear. You must fill your brain with confidence. A positive attitude should run through your veins during the preparation and while attending the exam. You can watch motivational videos or read books if a lack of confidence tires you. 

A walk in the evening, yoga, and some simple physical exercises would keep you motivated. Your sole aim should be to crack IIT JEE. Remind yourself always that you are capable more than you think. Nothing, no one, can stop you from accomplishing your dream. Success awaits those who put in wholehearted efforts. 

The Conclusion

Not only IIT JEE top rankers but also rank holders from other competitive exams have a few things in common. Those are: 

• Dedication to direct all their activities for the target they have set. If they want to crack IIT JEE, every minute would be invested for this. 

• Optimistic attitude to continue on the track disregarding naysayers and any negative thing happening in life. A positive spirit of mind is the key characteristic of all the winners.

• Preparation under the guidance of the best tutors is an important factor. Learning tips, exam strategies, and other tips can help you score the best grades. 

• Never say never about anything. You can always reach your target if you persevere. Setbacks do not tire winners. They would attempt with boosted vigor, to achieve what they have dreamt of. 

For more info and guidance on IIT JEE preparation, call us right away. 

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