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Top Engineering Colleges in 2023: Know about Courses, Fees, and Admissions

JEE is the main target of students hoping to join elite engineering institutions in the country. Becoming one of the top rankers can offer a seat in the engineering college of the aspirant’s choice. Attempted by lakhs of students located in the country and abroad, IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams to crack.

Meticulous preparation, guidance from expert professional tutors, an optimistic attitude, perseverance, determination, and a strategized approach can help clear the exam with top grades. Admission to the leading IITs or NITs is not possible without scoring well and becoming one among the top lot.

Selecting the Engineering College

Before we go to top engineering colleges in 2023, let’s have a look at how to select the best engineering college. Every engineering college including IITs and NITs has pros and cons. Therefore, avoid the expectations of a perfect engineering college.

The points you can consider for picking the engineering college include:

·         Identify your passion, your inner call, and your dream career. It would give you an idea about the stream you want to choose. Never follow the advice of others blindly. You are the one to select. Because, only you know about your strengths, weaknesses, tastes, and viewpoints. Any other person, including your parents and siblings, won’t be able to understand your passion. To suggest the most suitable course.

·         Once you have chosen the stream you want to pursue, list the engineering colleges that offer the subject course. Arrange them in descending order, based on reviews, rankings, overall performance, etc. Studies from independent bodies are available online. Make use of the analysis by the experts for listing the engineering colleges.

·         Location of the college may be considered if you do not want to travel a long distance or want to avoid staying in a hostel. Nonetheless, this may not be an issue of consideration if you are aspiring to join IIT/ NIT.

·         Tuition fees in private engineering colleges are exorbitantly high. Ascertain the fund available vis-à-vis the overall expenses. Education loans from national and private banks can help meet the fund requirements. Still, it may not be a wise decision to take a huge amount as an education loan.

Course Fee for Engineering in India

The fee for engineering courses varies depending on the college. The fee at government engineering colleges is way lower than at private engineering colleges. However, only those from the top ranks can expect admissions to engineering colleges. In that too, only very few have the privilege to pick the engineering college of their choice.

The minimum annual fee for an engineering course in India is 5 lakhs. This is a generic statement evaluating the course fees charged by different colleges. Enquiring the specific engineering college or discussing it with professional educational consultants would be useful for obtaining the exact data regarding course fees. The most chosen engineering entrance exams are JEE, KEAM, WBJEE, and WBJEE.

Top Engineering Colleges 2023

The top engineering colleges in India are in constant competition to maintain their position, as well as, to reach the number one slot. Analyzing their performance, the number of placements each could acquire, and the overall statistics, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) prepares the list of the top engineering colleges in India.

Based on the HRD’s ranking, the top engineering colleges in India are:

1.       Indian Institute of Technology Madras – IIT (Madras)

2.      Indian Institute of Technology Delhi – IIT (Delhi)

3.      Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – IIT (Bombay)

4.      Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur – IIT (Kanpur)

5.      Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur – IIT (Kharagpur)

6.      Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee – IIT (Roorkee)

7.      Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati – IIT (Guwahati)

8.     Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad – IIT (Hyderabad)

9.      National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli – NIT (Tiruchirappalli)

10.  National Institute of Technology Karnataka – NIT (Karnataka)

Every candidate’s dream must be to secure admission to one of these engineering colleges. These engineering colleges have a prominent identity and acceptance. Therefore, the students who pass out from one of the engineering colleges listed above can expect campus placement with a phenomenal package.

Multinational companies and technology giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Infosys, Flipkart, Dell, and Tata are interested in picking the top performers from these engineering colleges in India.

Things to Note While Selecting the Engineering College and Course

Expect many suggestions and advice when you decide upon attending IIT JEE. The opinions of the so-called “experienced elders” might confuse you. Moreover, those will not provide any productive insight. You may avoid:

·         Acting solely based on guidance from self-appointed experts

·         Switching streams depending on statements from others

·         Stress getting into your brain, thus creating an ambiguous scenario

·         Studying as you wish, without any proper guidance

We suggest you join a reputed JEE coaching center for preparing effectively for the entrance exam. Going ahead without a proper preparation plan will not take you to your dream. A meticulous preparation, under the guidance of experts, is all that takes to crack IIT JEE.

For more info on engineering entrance and the most preferable engineering course, contact us now.

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