It can be commonly noticed that many students opt for the science stream and devote years of their high school to study for engineering admission examinations. And they give it their all through rigorous studies and intensive coaching. But, regrettably, some of them succeed while others don’t get through. 

Those who didn’t succeed might not have had an appropriate backup plan. And that’s the reason why many engineering applicants are left perplexed as they come to know that they did not pass the JEE test. 

But if you’re a JEE applicant and has received some disappointing results, here are some possibilities to explore in case your JEE strategy doesn’t work out:

1. Prepare and try for alternative engineering entrance exams 

If your JEE Main is not cleared or you did not perform well in one particular JEE Main test, you should not be discouraged because JEE Main is held twice a year and the best of the two examinations is selected.

You still have other entrance exam options available and many state-level entrance tests, such as MHT CET, TS EAMCET, AP EAMCET, KCET, and KEAM. Many private institutions like the BITSAT, SRMJEEE, VITEEE, and AEEE have their own entrance exams for admission to B.Tech programs. You can still try clearing any of these exams. 

2. Look for admission to NITs

Even if your marks in JEE Advanced are low, you still can get into an NIT. However,you must pass the JEE Main test with a legitimate score,  in order to gain admission to NITs. Your percentile obtained in JEE Mains will determine which B-Tech courses are available at NIT. For an admission to the top NITs in India, a rank of less than 10,000 is required. 

3. Consider the non-engineering alternatives

Consider other non-engineering possibilities like BBA, B.Sc., B.A., BMS, and other related degrees. You can also take a recruitment exam after 12th grade to seek a government position in one of the provincial and federal government’s different ministries and agencies. There are alternatives in Law, Management, Psychology, or even Social Media Marketing. Explore your possibilities and choose the one that suits you. 

4. Choose other universities other than IITs

Since JEE Main scores are accepted for engineering admission at these universities, if you have a JEE Main score above the cut-off score that is required by these universities, you are eligible to apply. 

5. Consider lateral entry into B.Tech

Pursue a B.Sc. degree based in the core scientific division and then you have the options for lateral entry into BTech programs. With a BCA degree, you can still apply for BTech CSE or B.Tech IT.

6. Take a year off

Consider taking a year’s gap if you still believe engineering is your heart and soul. Join a good IIT JEE entrance coaching institute to do the best level of preparation. Joining a good engineering entrance coaching center will guide you through the right preparation strategy. 

To Summarize

Students must bear in mind that the JEE Main is only a part of their lives. Even if you are unable to take the JEE Main, you can still have a successful future.

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