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Why Choose Us?

Unique World Education.

Unique World Education aims to edify students and young professionals towards success which is rooted from the past- half century of unparalleled legacy of Prof P. C. Thomas’ who is known for pioneering in the field of entrance coaching and with a well-defined motto of efficaciously preparing students to perform for the most competitive entrance exams in India (IIT-JEE, NEET, KEAM, etc.) as well as board exams.

Engrossed on a holistic 360-degree learning technique which furnishes the future generations for an all-round excellence in every conceivable approach is going to set new frontiers in the land of Emirates. Being the sole accredited coaching institution of the distinguished Prof. P. C. Thomas classes, the esteemed institution holds a prodigious track record of excellence which is supremely paved into perfection. He has well-nigh fabricated a one-man industry that comprehends twenty thousand students excelling out every year on an average.

Our steadfast team of well-experienced faculty members is trained by Prof. P. C. Thomas and a well-organized syllabus routine provides students with the meticulous set of knowledge and skills they need to encounter the demands put forward by the competitive world. We strive hard to enthuse our students to dream big and focuses to equip them to accomplish those dreams. We offer a variety of preparatory and specialized courses, tailored to a variety of needs. Visit our website, you’re assured to find precisely what you need.

Past experiences in the multiverse of business and interactions with aspiring entrepreneurs Unique World Education Dubai made a giant leap in the history with a policy of organizing the students for preparation for success at an early stage in life. Unique World Education is one of the premier institutes in the United Arab Emirates offering students in Dubai extraordinary access to world class technologies for intellectual and professional growth by providing century’s best education skills to meet increasingly challenging complexities in the field of education. With an undefeatable entry into the global village of the world Unique World Education is giving opportunity to the aspirers, dreamers and geniuses in their field of interest to get trained under Prof. P.C. Thomas who himself is a university in human form.

Benefits of Unique Classes

We have a team of expert faculties from IIT, NIT and premium institutes in India who encourages students from the beginning itself to develop a positive attitude to crack the competitive examination through a systematic and proven coaching program and provides student with unique learning experiences. Our faculty’s prime focus is to develop conceptual clarity through teaching the basic concepts in simple language as well as developing comprehend capabilities of the students.

Printed and Digital Study Material will be provided to the students which is based on syllabus of the entrance examinations.

Students can actively engage in home assignments which keep a track of their performance on an everyday basis.

Students can communicate with their tutors about their doubts around the clock.

Our Online Exam Portal, is an Entrance Exam Preparation Software that has question papers and mock tests like a real time examination.

These programs will conduct sessions with eminent personalities to discuss their entrance examination options.

We provide Recorded Video Lectures, where students can revisit classes or gain clarity at their own pace.

Our team of counsellors will analyse each student, provide individual attention and rectify their shortcomings.

Our students would have a Weekly Assessments where they will be assessed on the portions that will be taught in that week.

Augmented Reality, is an interactive experience of the real world in an online environment with our digital platform.

We will be constantly in touch with the parents to communicate concerns, suggestions or advices to help the student.

Students from our centers are enrolled in top institutions who will interact with our current students to help them to get know things up close.


Result in NEET
100 %
Students scored more than 92 % in Grade 12
90 %
Students scored more than 90 % in Grade 10
95 %
UAE school toppers in grade 10 and 12