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With Easy Entrance+ by the side, the learner:

  • Develops interest in learning subjects and positive relationship with Learning
  • Explores subject contents with sense of wonder, challenge & fun!
  • Gains in-depth subject knowledge due to repeated practice
  • Learns to identify one’s own strengths and areas for improvement
  • Gains confidence and competence to face the real exams successfully

Our Awesome Features

An overall assesment of student perfomance through various graphs.
A complete input of knowledge and skills to have a strong foundation in subjects.
Learner gains confidence by practicing through various level of questions.
Explore videos lectures from your institute. Special videos from ourexperts – Tips and tricks to help you crack exams.
Special Exam
Test your knowledge of each portion with the series of preset Q- Papers.
Global Mock Test
Participate in regular global mock tests to understand your rank position
Be an expert before you face the real exam. Practice in real time pattern for all the major exams like NEET, JEE main & Olympiad exams.
Reports to analyse your strengths and weaknesses; thus improve your perfomance.