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How to Overcome Exam fear- Exam phobia

How to Overcome Exam fear- Exam phobia

Does anxiety envelop you before any competitive exam?

Don’t worry, if yes is your answer to the question. It is a common thing to come under stress. Exam phobia is a general concern for students everywhere in the world. It would be surprising if highly competitive exams like NEET and JEE don’t send a chill down your spine. Although professional NEET and JEE coaching centers in Dubai can help you overcome fear, you can follow some methods to keep it in control.

Let it be online coaching for NEET in Dubai or a physical class for JEE, the tutors should implement confidence-boosting measures, besides teaching the topics from the syllabus. We are sharing with you some tips here that would help you counter exam fear or exam phobia.

Indications that Exam Fear is Overpowering You

Raised levels of tension, incessant sweating, headache, vomiting, etc can indicate exam tension has entered your mind. You may start having nightmares or sleepless nights. Fear of failure can affect your metabolism and you may not feel hungry.

A few points you must bear in mind, when exam phobia strikes you:

· “Fear of failure” is more painful than failure itself.

· Think what would be the highest possible outcome of failing an exam. Either you will repeat the attempt next time and succeed. Or you will identify that it is not your path and find a more promising field that excites you.

· Overthinking and exam fear can doom your preparations and your performance.

· You have undergone JEE or NEET coaching under the best coaching center in Dubai. You are now strong enough to crack any question.

 Tips to Overcome Exam Fear (Useful for JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams)

 A few tips that would keep you motivated and help you conquer your fears.

· Nobody has ever achieved any great thing easily. If it is tough, it would be worth trying. Therefore, the tough questions or the high number of aspirants should not bother you. The only thing you must be concerned about is your level of preparedness. The best JEE and NEET coaching centers in Dubai would help you prepare for the exam. Once you have undergone thorough coaching and preparation, remove all types of concerns from your mind.

· Haven’t you undergone any coaching for the exam? No issues still. You can always prepare yourself and give it a try. Not to worry even if the result is not favorable. You can attempt the next time (of course, there is always a next time). Nonetheless, if you are preparing for a tough competition like NEET or JEE, you must put wholehearted efforts. Commitment, perseverance, and hard work are the fundamentals on which success arrives.

· Listen to motivational quotes or read autobiographies of great people. 99% of those great achievers around the world had a humble beginning. They had encountered several setbacks before accomplishing their dreams. Success is not delivered on a platter. It necessitates the person’s keen and focused attempts. Struggles are a part of the journey. You must reiterate to your panicky mind that everything is going to be all right.

· Practice yoga or meditation. Listen to the world. Match your frequency with the soul of this universe. You will understand that this so-called highly competitive exam is nothing. There are bigger, greater, tougher things in the world. When you compare this exam with the hard and risky things people are achieving, you will realize how silly it is to worry about JEE or NEET.

· Tell your mind that even if you fail this exam it is not the end of the road. But, a diversion on your journey. A more prolific destiny awaits you when you are enthusiastic about your life. You must invest the time in savoring the beauty of life and identify where your passion lies. As a rule of thumb, you must be passionate about the thing you want in life. Then only you can acquire it.

Tips for the Exam Day

Albeit your exhaustive preparation and coaching at the best NEET and JEE coaching center in Dubai, you may feel a bit concerned on the exam day. The facts we have shared in the previous segment may not be useful on that day. The following tips might help ease your mind:

· Take a few long breaths, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the most beautiful place. Affirm to your mind that you are calm and you are going to give the best shot today.

· A simple and healthy breakfast and lunch would be ideal.

·  Confirm that you are ready in all respects. All the documents are available in the folder or bag you are carrying.

· Avoid arriving at the exam center at the last minute. It is good to reach there well in advance.

· Repeat the mantra, “I am going to do my best” before the start of the exam.

· Read the questions carefully. Answer only after reading the question completely. Never be in a hurry to answer all the questions. The aim must be to answer correctly and reduce negative marks. Negative marking is the main villain in the case of JEE and NEET exams.

· Cross-check the answers before you submit.

Once you have these tips in mind, you can overcome exam fear quite effectively. You may reach out to us in case you want professional guidance or counseling in this regard. As the best NEET and JEE coaching center in Dubai, we understand you and we would be able to help you.  

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