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How To Prepare For NEET From Class 11

NEET is a highly competitive exam that necessitates concerted efforts and hard work. The earliest you can start NEET preparation the best it would be. Complacency has no space for those aspiring to gain admission to the top medical institutions in India. Hard work under the guidance of an expert NEET tutor and systematic coaching are essential in this regard.

Important Tips for NEET Preparation

Any amount of preparation is less considering the level of competition in NEET. We are sharing a few essential tips for performing well in NEET.  

–          Start NEET preparation from class 11. Avoid waiting for the last moment to commence the work.

–          Join a proven NEET coaching center in Dubai to embark on a successful preparation.

–          Make a timetable for covering the topics properly.

–          Identify the sections or subjects in which you lag. Feedback from the NEET tutors would be helpful in this aspect. Allocate extra time for the topics that are tough for you.

–          Practice as many old questions as possible.

–          Attend mock tests.

–          Have a focussed approach, with your target fixed on cracking NEET.

If you can observe and comply with these tips for NEET preparation, clearing NEET with excellent grades would not be that difficult.

How to Start Preparing for NEET from Class 11

As you know, gaining admission to any of the top medical institutions in India is going to change your life. A bright and successful career and happy life await you at the other end of the medical course. This ecstatic dream is the driving force fordriving for the majority of NEET aspiring candidates. You can start NEET preparation from class 11 so that you are ready by the time of NEET.

The following points would help you commence preparing for NEET from class 11:

–          Know the Syllabus of NEET: Before you initiate the preparation, you must know the syllabus of NEET. The topics and weightage of marks can be taken into consideration as well. We are not saying you to give more importance to some specific topics/ lessons or leave some others. But, studying based on the importance of the topic might prove highly effective. The National Testing Agency (NTA) is the authority undertaking the exam. A hard copy of the syllabus promulgated by NTA should be kept available all the time.

–          Study from the Right Material: There are numerous books and guides available for NEET preparation. You might find it confusing to pick the right study material. Not to worry, you may seek advice from a specialized NEET tutor. The NEET tutor will have a broad idea about the books and guides that are useful for effective NEET preparation. You may consult us to know more on this point. Once you have collected the study material, you can commence the preparation right away. Two years is sufficient for the best NEET preparation.

–          Slow and Steady: The syllabus, the competition, and the number of books to cover should not intrude into your brain and cause confidence loss. You are getting two years’ time when you start NEET preparation from class 11. The only thing you need to do is to cover small chunks of portions every day. Avoid procrastinating studying NEET subjects. In that case, one day you will realize that there is no time left for the preparation. Be punctual and study in the stipulated time. Cover the topics the next day without fail if you miss out on preparing for NEET any day.

–          Strengthen Your Basics: Grasping the basics is vital for cracking NEET. NCERT textbooks are the best for gaining control over basic concepts and theories. You may study from the NCERT books prior to NEET preparation from other materials. The textbooks will give you enough knowledge of the basics of theories, principles, and formulae. This would aid you in answering even the complex questions from the subject topics.

–          Be a Good Reader: Be keen on reading and exploring all the online and offline resources. You may read on NEET-related topics or study materials available. It will enhance your brain’s processing, which would be beneficial while attending NEET. Reading improves your brain’s capabilities.

–          Be Updated About the NEET: NTA is the singular body that controls NEET. The NTA promulgates the NEET exam syllabus and pattern. It may also happen that the NEET date is postponed due to unavoidable reasons. Check the NEET website periodically, as well as, browse NEET-related news. You may allot some time every day for reading, other than the topics in the NEET syllabus.

–          Confidence and Optimistic Attitude: Lack of confidence and a pessimistic mindset can impede your NEET dreams even if you start preparing for NEET from class 11. Keep in your mind that you are capable of cracking any exam. Never allow ambiguity to enter your mind.

We always suggest students commence NEET preparation from class 11. Becoming a part of the flow towards NEET at the earliest would be advantageous. You may talk to our experts regarding NEET coaching from class 11 and other aspects.

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