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Is it possible to crack JEE mains in 2 months?

Nothing is impossible!

This should be the mantra in your mind when you start anything. It is not just a statement, but a reality. Many great personalities have proven this fact throughout their life. Devotion, perseverance, and hard work are the three pillars on which success stands strong.

You can definitely crack JEE Main in 2 months. There are no two opinions about it. Nonetheless, you must dedicate each minute in a planned manner. Support from proven JEE coaching centers would amplify the possibilities. Besides guiding you towards the target, they would ensure that you don’t get distracted.

Here we are offering you 10 tips that would act as the blueprint towards your goal; clearing JEE Mains in 2 months’ preparation.

Tip #1.      Buy or Borrow the Selected Books Only

Getting all the books that are meant for JEE Main and spreading them around you is not going to work. The more the books, the bigger the ambiguity. Choose only the best books and buy them (or borrow from the seniors). The top books for JEE Mains preparation will have all the topics covered comprehensively. It is best to discuss with your tutors at the JEE coaching center before procuring the books. Experienced professional tutors will know which are the right guides, journals, and texts that would help you prepare for JEE in two months.

Tip #2.      Draw a Preparation Schedule

Studying until the previous day of JEE Main may not be advisable. The last 5-10 days are for revisions, keeping yourself composed, and contemplating whatever you have studied. Therefore, prepare a study schedule for 50-55 days. Topics with more weightage should be given more time. Consider from the 55th day and count backward, i.e. take the 55th day as day one. The timetable for JEE preparation should include leisure time as well. Sitting and studying continuously will not be productive. Rather it would be counterproductive.

Tip #3.      Understand and Imbibe the Concept

Understanding the core concept and infusing it into your brain is important. With the clutch of the crux, you can answer any question on that topic. JEE will have indirect questions aiming to confuse you.  You should ensure that you will not surrender to those confusing questions. Expect such questions, especially in problems. Practicing difficult problems from old questions would be useful to get a catch of the questions. JEE Mains coaching centers will have practice sessions and frequent tests to equip the students to face any type of question.

Tip #4.      Practice Time Management

Time is the villain in JEE, not the difficult questions. You may be able to answer even the most complex questions. But, in the bargain, you will lose a lot of time. In turn, you might miss out on easy questions and valuable marks. A strategized approach is the key to cracking JEE Mains. The 2 months you have in hand, for preparation, are to be utilized for time management as well. Get help from tutors to improve your time management. Another method to improve the performance is to learn tricks and shortcuts from the tutors. This would reduce the time required for problems phenomenally and you would be able to attend to maximum questions correctly.

Tip #5.      Reduce Negative Marks

Negative marks can play spoilsport. You might have answered the maximum possible questions correctly. Notwithstanding, a few wrong answers can affect your rank. Learn methods to reduce negative marks. The most effective way to reduce negative marks is to avoid answering questions at the last moment. Most of the time, students give the wrong answer in a hurry.

Tip #6.      Make Small Notes

Note down important points. Those would be useful during revisions as well as for remembering key elements of the concepts. Use personalized methods to remember the important concepts. Do not study from anyone else’s notes. It is always better to study from your own notes than from any others do.

Tip #7.      Practice Old Questions

Allocate a specific day for practicing old questions. It would help boost your speed, accuracy, and concentration. You will get a better insight into the most important topics and the weightage by practicing the old questions.

Tip #8.     Mock Tests

Similar to practicing old questions, you must attend as many mock tests online as possible. The mock tests are helpful for understanding your speed, identifying your weak areas, and introducing improvements. Discuss with your tutors if required. They would be able to provide you with methods for improving speed. Further, mock tests would strengthen your confidence.

Tip #9.      Limit Social Media for Two Months

It would be best if you can avoid social media for two months, during the preparation for JEE Main. Since it is not viable in the present scenario, you must limit your social media usage. Earmark a specific timing for social media. Keep the data off during the remaining time of the day. Remember that keeping away from social media, for these two months, is going to transform your life.

Tip #10.   Stay Calm, Be Optimistic

An optimistic attitude is the soul of success. You should not become panicky or confused as the JEE Mains exam day approaches. No need to worry even if you haven’t prepared perfectly. Try as much as possible and attend the exam. If you think you can win, you have won.

You can prepare well for JEE Main in two months if you pursue these tips determinedly. Joining crash courses offered by trusted JEE coaching centers are proven to amplify the possibility of cracking the exam.  

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