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Score 80 Marks in Math for the CBSE 2024 Exam: 5 Important Topics to Cover

Math is the Fear in the eyes of many CBSE students, having great influence over test scores and prospects in the future. Gaining admission to prestigious colleges, scholarships, and streams is possible if you succeed in this subject. But do not worry about the subject ! Although mastering math may seem difficult, being well-prepared is your greatest asset. It serves as a link between triumph and frustration and between excitement and fear. Together, let’s go out on this adventure to discover the insider tips for a potent math approach that will help you ace the next CBSE 2024 exam and get an 80+ Marks 

Lets Analyse 5 key topics that can propel you towards an impressive score In Maths !

  1. Algebra: Your Mathematical Arsenal
  • Polynomials: Master factoring, relationships between zeroes and coefficients, and applications like word problems.
  • Pair of Linear Equations: Hone your skills in elimination and substitution methods for accurate solutions.
  • Quadratic Equations: Conquer the art of factorization, formula-based solutions, and graphical interpretations.
  • Arithmetic Progressions: Understand concepts like nth term, sum of n terms, and applications in real-life scenarios.
  1. Geometry: Visualize Your Way to Success
  • Vectors: Grasp addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, and applications in solving geometric problems.
  • Three-dimensional Geometry: Visualize lines, planes, and solids, and master calculations involving distances, angles, and volumes.
  1. Probability: Demystifying Chance and Predictions
  • Basic Concepts: Understand events, sample space, and probability calculations.
  • Conditional Probability: Learn how one event’s occurrence affects the probability of another.
  • Theorems and Applications: Apply Bayes’ theorem and solve real-world probability problems confidently.
  1.  Relations and Functions: Building the Foundation for Calculus
  • Relations: Grasp concepts like domain, range, types of relations, and graphical representations.
  • Functions: Understand function types, operations, inverses, and composite functions.
  • Applications: Apply function concepts to model real-world scenarios like motion and economics.
  1. Differential and Integral Calculus (if applicable): 
  • Differentiation: Understand the concept of derivative, learn differentiation rules, and solve problems involving rates of change.
  • Integration: Grasp the concept of antiderivative, integration techniques, and apply them to solve problems involving areas, volumes, and work.

Our Advice to add-on : 

  • Practice, practice, practice: Solve a variety of problems from different sources, including NCERT textbooks, previous year papers, and sample papers.
  • Clear your doubts: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, tutors, or online resources.
  • Time management is key: Practice solving papers within the allotted time to build exam stamina.
  • Stay positive and believe in yourself: A confident approach goes a long way in conquering any challenge.

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