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Tips for avoiding mistakes while preparing for NEET exams

Planned and methodical preparation is the prime reason behind those who qualify for NEET. Attended by thousands of students across India, almost all of them dreaming to become one among the selected few, it is quite difficult to crack the exam.

Of course, it might be difficult, but not impossible to clear NEET with flying colors. One of the most successful NEET coaching centers, we have been able to guide and support students thoroughly over years. Consequently, we have been achieving the highest placement among the NEET coaching centers in UAE.

Our experience and expertise in the field taught us many things that many other NEET academies are unaware of. We know what works and what doesn’t. Here we are listing the tips for avoiding mistakes while preparing for NEET. Understanding the errors that might cause a negative impact would help the aspirants to go ahead with the right preparation methodology.

1.     Not Paying Attention to NCERT Books

Is studying NCERT books so essential when we have other renowned books? You might be asking this question in mind. Yes, definitely. Reading and understanding NCERT books must be your first priority. You can turn to guides and journals from experts after completing the NCERT books.

2.    Surrounding Yourself with Too Many Books and Study Material

It is a bad idea to buy too many books and study materials. You might be thinking about finishing them all. Most probably you may refer to all of them. Nonetheless, too many books can create confusion and anxiety. Buy only those books recommended by your experienced tutors. Imagine the scenario when you miss out on studying a specific book. The thought would start nagging you. It would cause tension and would lead to an unpleasant mental state. Eventually destroying your performance in the NEET.

3.    Not Starting NEET Preparation Early

You must allocate the maximum possible time for each subject/ topic. It is always best to start the NEET preparation at the earliest. Never plan to start the preparation tomorrow. Because “tomorrow” never comes. You would continue procrastinating the preparation and one fine day you would understand that there is not enough time left. Consequently, ambiguity and anxiety would creep into your mind. It would be difficult for you to crack NEET in such a scenario.

4.    Not Understanding the Basics Thoroughly

Basics is the foundation on which all the concepts are built. You must have a strong understanding of the basic theories and concepts. Then only you would be able to pick the complex theories and formulae easily. The in-depth understanding would help you in answering questions quickly. As you understand, time is the main factor in NEET. You must be able to answer the maximum number of questions correctly in the limited time given.

5.    Focussing on One Subject

Students may at times focus on the subject in which they are weak. A few others prioritize Biology since it is the main subject in NEET. Both are making a big mistake. You must give equal priority to all three subjects viz. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Scoring the best grades is your objective. That way only you can expect admission to the medical institution of your choice. Studying all three subjects properly is the only way forward for this.

6.    Not Revising the Subjects

Many students complete all the subjects well ahead of the NEET. They may turn lazy after the exhaustive preparation for days. And would defer revising the topics. Revision is a mandatory practice for effective preparation for NEET. Revise the portions as much as possible. Reading and studying the subjects repeatedly would cement the concept into your brain. Thereby you would be able to answer the questions quickly.

 7.    Not Attending Practice Exams

Leading NEET coaching centers like ours conduct practice exams on a periodic basis. The practice exams would reveal how much the student has understood and what are her or his flaws or weak areas. Accordingly, the tutors would give feedback to the student and guide him/ her on how to go ahead with the preparation. Therefore, practice tests are an essential part of NEET preparation. Improving upon the weak areas is vital for scoring the best grade in the exam.

8.    Lack of an Adequate Number of Mock Tests

Mock tests are different from practice exams. Mock tests are a must for every NEET aspirant. It would provide a clear idea about the exam and prepare the student on how to attend the real one. A number of mock tests must be attended by the NEET aspirant. This would enhance confidence and speed. S/he will be able to approach the exam without any worries if s/he is performing well in the mock tests. Thus boosting their chances of selection.

9.    Wasting Time on Social Media

Social media is the biggest distraction nowadays. You would not know how time flies when involved with it. Remember that you are wasting your productive time on a thing that doesn’t have any real effect on your life. Reduce usage of social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. at least during the NEET preparation period.

10.  Nurturing a Pessimistic Mindset

Be positive always. Optimistic thoughts would bring you colorful results. If you think you are a winner, you have won. Think and act like a winner always. No one can defeat you, except for your negative mindset and attitude. Prepare properly for NEET and go ahead confidently. Victory is yours at the end.

We are always at your service. For guidance on NEET preparation and NEET coaching, ping us now.

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